Designing a solid brand identity

The Challenge

Huddersfield Live is a non-profit organisation aiming to sustain local events that have had significant funding cuts. Their previous identity and communications didn’t really reflect the ambition and professionalism of the organisation. We approached them as we believe in what they are doing.

The Insight

They needed a brand identity that positioned them at the centre of the town and that builds trust with potential supporters, council members and investors. We took an already established Huddersfield icon, and give it a modern twist, helping Huddersfield Live start their mission with firm foundations.

Huddersfield Live’s old identity didn’t resonate with Huddersfield people and reflect their ambition.

We thought that an already iconic Huddersfield symbol matched the personality and values of Huddersfield Live.

Huddersfield Live Cards
Huddersfield Live Stationery

We believe this symbol will resonate with Huddersfield’s residents and positions Huddersfield Live for future success in the town.

Huddersfield Live Patterns
Huddersfield Live Typography
Huddersfield Live Colours


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