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Creative Technology tailors its service provision to meet the specific needs of each project or customer. Invariably starting with informal advice we move on to include design, consultancy, project management and installation. Our skilled team and full service option ensures your concepts are delivered in full at exhibitions, events and shows on a global scale.


With a large range of digital and analogue mixing desks we can cater for any size of event. We stock a wide range of Yamaha digital desks from many of their ranges QL1, QL5, CL5 and PM5d. These sit nicely alongside our Digico and Digidesign desks including the new S6L from Avid giving us the flexibility to work within all disciplines of your sound requirements.


At Creative Technology we like to stay up to date with the latest equipment available. We hold a large stock of d&b from small line arrays like the T10 to the larger V & Y series. We also hold the Y & V point source system recently released by d&b. Along with our smaller E series there is no venue too big or too small that we can't cater for.


We stock all makes of microphones. At Creative Technology we are constantly updating our range to keep up with any rider or corporate needs. Along with our hard-wired mics we carry a large stock of Sennheiser and Shure radio mics.


Most of our amplifiers are dedicated to systems. All D&B speakers run off either D12s or D6s or the newly released D80 and D20 amplifiers. Other amps are available; Full Fat Audio, Crown and QSC to mention but a few.


Communications are an essential part of any event. As ever, we can offer a solid line of communication using either conventional party line or IP addressed digital solutions, drawing on the expertise of CT’s Integrated Networks department and their recently acquired Riedel systems.