From Latitude to Leeds; Dimension's Festival Fun

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3rd February, 2014
From the smallest gig in a meadow to the largest concert in parklands, Dimension Audio used their d&b systems at various festivals across the UK last summer.

As sound is an essential element at these events, Dimension’s long and estimable experience and understanding of delivering live outdoor music events comes into its own each year at festivals up and down the country. From Latitude to Leeds, the Wilderness to the Secret Garden Party, Dimension provided a wide range of audio systems suitable for each of their requirements.

With various stages at the Latitude Festival under Dimension’s remit, d&b Q and T systems were used, while the d&b V system was provided for the BBC dance stage and the Lock Up Stage at both Reading and Leeds festivals.

In addition, various stages at the Wilderness and the Secret Garden Party festivals utilised Dimension’s D&b Q and V series with the addition of Turbosound. Also featuring on Dimension's festival schedule is the Isle Of Wight festival, Lovebox in London and Rockness in Scotland.

With the festival season of 2013 drawing to a close, Dimension Audio now looks forward to the summer of 2014 and the parks and fields across the UK once again opening to the music mad masses.