Dimension takes ownership of new d&b V-Series

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29th January, 2014
Dimension Audio became proud owners of the fantastic d&b V-Series back in April. The V-Series consists of two loudspeakers, both of which have slightly different dispersion rates to the other and the V-Subwoofer. They also invested in a few J-Infra Subs, part of the J-series and these teamed together is quite a force to be reckoned with! Since then it has travelled to many venues across the UK and internationally to demonstrate its impressive diversity.

The Zumba Instructor Conference in Lille, was one of the first shows in which the system made an appearance in for Dimension Audio. Dimension provided a full PA system including a DJ set up and a various amount of orchestral accessories.

With the system being flown at quite a height combined with subs under the stage, the atmosphere itself was definitely a loud one but very much clear with quite a bit of oomph!
The CFO, Roberto Moreno stated it was excellent and one of the best shows he had ever seen and heard and he has seen all of them!

Here is what D&B had to say about our latest addition
“The d&b V-Series with its remarkable clarity as well as extraordinary dynamic bandwidth, impressive power capability and headroom make it not only a highly efficient and flexible stand-alone system ranging from small to large configurations, but having the same driver arrangement and horizontal dispersion it is the veritable complement to the J-Series. The V-Series consists of the V8 and V12 loudspeakers and the actively driven high performance cardioid V subwoofer, which are all matched and constructed to be mechanically compatible both in flown or ground stacked arrays. All the components needed to suspend the loudspeakers within the three-point V-Series flying system are integrated into the cabinets, ensuring speedy deployment and providing a quick and easily configurable line array. The matching sound characteristics of the V-Series with the J-Series once again flaunt the potential of the d&b System reality.”

Since the Zumba Conference, the V-System has been very popular with appearing in most of our events. Everyone that has attended anything involving this system has literally been blown away by the quality of sound this lovely system gives out.

Please contact us if you would like to know more. We may be able to hold a demo too if you would like to see how it could benefit your upcoming event!