Dimension at Peckham Pandemonium

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8th July, 2015
Over the last year Dimension has been a regular supplier of the Peckham Pandemonium jazz nights. The last gig marked the most successful of the series due to some special guest performers.

The Peckham Liberal Club is a rare survivor of the traditional working man’s club. Formed in the late 19th century, the club still provides a variety of activities for its 365+ members.

In order to save the Club from the same fate as many others, local resident and jazz musician Simon Beresford organised a series of jazz nights named the Peckham Pandemonium after a local jazz movement that existed in the 1930s and 40s. These sold-out gigs inspired the community and now other events, such as exhibitions, yoga classes and movie nights are held at the Club.

For the Spooky Ghost gig held on the 20th June, solo guitarist Gerry Leonard, who is known for his work with David Bowie, performed alongside a variety of artists. These included Daphne Guinness, Malcolm Doherty, and, as a last minute surprise, Suzanne Vega, who had just finished the UK leg of her summer tour.
Dimension has been supporting the Club’s gigs for the last year, either supplementing or supplying all of the audio equipment as required for each individual event.

Senior Project Manager Staf Rowley said: “We work with Simon on a variety of events but it was really great to be involved in Peckham Pandemonium. We’ve watched each gig go from strength to strength and seen the benefits this Club provides to the local community. Encore, encore!”

Simon commented: “Thank you so much to Dimension and our other suppliers for all your support! What a night!”